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Singapore Study Visa


The students who are from abroad,and wish to do full time and part time course or want to study in Singapore are required to apply for Students visa also known as PASS in Singapore. YesIn Singapore a visa is a pass. Singapore might look so small in size but is one of the sitesfor some top most universities and institutions in the world.

Pass for Singapore

A new application for the student visa or pass should be submitted well in advance and has to be 1 month but not more than 2 months before the course commences.These applicants can be submitted through the Student’s Pass On-Line Application and Registration system also known as aSOLAR system in short.

How to go about it

Before the applicant submits anapplication for pass through SOLAR, the university or the institution must register the student first via SOLAR with the important informationlike Name, Date of birth,Gender,nationality ,course detail followed by thecommencement date of it and the end date too along with the SOLAR reference ID or Number.
Once the registration is done by the respective university or institution,the student is allowed to fill FORM 16 by logging into the SOLAR website.


Before login into the SOLAR,the applicant must have the acknowledgment in respect to their registration along with the logininfo provided by the respective institutions and universities, also make sure that they have the travel documents and passport details with them too.

NRIC/FIN of the applicant’s parents if they are from Singapore or not a native of Singaporelikeforeigners working and residing there.

Applicant needs to provide the detail regarding their contacts and residents in case of no detail or proof available, then he/she may provide the institution registration address along with the email address and one passport size photograph to be affixed on the right hand top corner of FORM 16 along with the following checklist to be maintained before proceeding towards further procedures like, the image must be taken within 3 months and should be coloured, and must have a white background with a matt or semi matt finish. The photograph should show the face in full with no extra gears on thehead, apart from religious things.

Once the Submission of Eform 16 is being done through SOLAR, the applicant should print a copy of the same form for the copy to be submitted to Student’s pass Unit in order to complete the formalities for the insurance of the applicant.

Also,if may require, the applicant needs to produce additional supporting documents as and when required in real time.

Processing time

The processing time is around or within 5 business or working days, which excludes the date of submission for those who do not need a pass to enter Singapore. However for those foreignerswhorequired a pass,may expect it to be around 10 working days part from the date of submission. During the peak time like July/August,it may take longer than these hence the applicant are advised to submit for the same in advance and early.

Apart from studying the applicant can work part time along with his studies on the same visa or pass if required for helping his own livelihood there under the foreign worker act and should not be more than 16 hours a week. The applicantis advised to check properly the section relevantto the topic under employment foreign works act,theprivilegesgranted by the respective institutions.