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Portugal Investment Immigration

Immigration Act :

Golden Residence Permit: the Investment Residence Act (11820-N2012)was published by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Internal Administration of Portugal on the 3rd of September of 2012, and conducted from the 8th of October of 2012. This new Investment Residence Act is also known as the Golden Residence Permit Programme.

Type of Property :

Real Estate/Residential Homes (property type is unlimited which can be lands, or residential or commercial properties.

Applicant’s Requirement :

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Non-EU citizens
  • The purchase of property holders
  • Purchase of private health insurance
  • No criminal records

Permanent Residence :

  • 1+2+2 visa
  • To get the PR and maintain it some conditions are applicable where:
    -Hold the golden residence permit for 5th year in a row.
    -Login once every 2 years in Portugal
    -Every 3 years to live in Portugal for up to 183 day.
  • First year must visit Portugal for at least 7 days, after first year will be 14 days every 2years.
  • 5 years after the application for permanent residence and real estate can be sold.

Citizenship :

  • 6 years continuous legal residence status (GRP)
  • Pass A2 Portuguese level exam, can read and understand simple Portuguese and lifestyle.

Visa Free Countries :

  • 172 Visa free countries (With Citizenship)

Advantages :

  • 3-generationprogram
  • Free education for children
  • Right to work and set up business
  • quantity restrictions: can only buy one set, can also purchase multiple sets
  • Right timing: the Portuguese real estate market is at its lowest, a good time to invest
  • Good for value: low-cost, high standard of construction and decoration, infra structure is complete
  • can be rented, can be sold: real estate rental according to law; able to access to permanent residence or naturalization, the property can be sold.
  • 90 days approved, zero rejection rate
  • 3 Generation family of immigrants
  • 5 years PR , 6 years of naturalization
  • No funding source required
  • No immigration supervision, no background checks
  • Rental income
  • Access to 26 countries in Europe
  • Non - global taxation
  • Global Asset Allocation