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Malta Investment Immigration


A year citizenship/PR to apassport.

Immigration Act :

MALTA INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR PROGRAMME(IIP) the Malta individual investor program they provide the Legal notice 47 of 2014, they follow the rule for the concession of citizenship by confirming the certificate of nationalization to single and their families who assign to the development of Malta in social and economic. They will provide the citizenship for the applicants and their families on the basis of contribution towards Malta.

Type of Property :

Residential homes like villas, bungalows, apartments, penthouse, farmhouse etc.

Applicant’s Requirement :

  • The main applicant for Malta citizenship should be at least 18 years of age.
  • They should produce the proof of no criminal records.
  • Physical examination results should be produced that they don’t have any infectious diseases and health is in good conditions.
  • They should purchase the global health insurance.
  • Three parts of investment for national development and social funds :
  • The main applicant should contribute atleast€650,000 to the national development of Malta.
  • Malta government certified the applicant that they are investing at least €150,000 in bonds or shares for at least five years.
  • For a period of five years, the applicants should rent or residential real estate, at least 160,000 per year or purchase a residential property at least worth, for €350,000.

Permanent Residence :

Permanent Residence means the name given to a non-citizen with a permanent visa.To get naturalization they wait for the diligence process to complete inthe first year.

Citizenship :

The Individual Investor Program has a 12 month residency time so candidates who are not resident in the Maltese are advised to process immediately.

Visa Free Countries :

  • Schengen countries: It is a short term visa to stay up to 90 days, e.g. Business, tourism. Apply for a universal Schengen visa in Maltese consulate if your country has a visa requirement so that we can travel free to other country and stay for a maximum for three months.
  • Citizens of all EU members simply enter the country with a valid passport.
  • We can travel more than 160 countries without avisa.
  • Free visa to the US countries.

Advantages :

  • Malta has signed a doubletaxation agreement with 46 countries.
  • Malta has an attractive tax system.
  • Malta is a non-global taxation country.
  • The other taxes paid in Malta are customs duty, income tax, consumption tax, stamp duty and value added tax.