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Hong Kong Study Visa

Why Hong Kong ?

You think of an international city, and that'sHongKong,a city to visit for tourism, shopping destination,famous bespoke items of clothing and ofcourse the famous Temple night market.However, how many of you are aware of the fact that the city consists of various numbers of top ranked universities not only in Asia but in the world too with international standards. Andthat's the reason why students from various countries come over there for higher educations.

About Visa

All you have to start with is by sending an application in order to get an admission which has to be followed by various procedures. The Important part is applying and getting a Visa for Hong Kong for studying rather a student visa for Hongkong once you are being accepted by the institutions.

Tounderstand it better, you just need to know that each and every on residential or on local students need the Visa,whether they have come for full-time studies or for an exchange program.The respective institutions help the students in order to get local sponsors and also with the necessary documents required for support.

Why Visa for studying abroad

In general, you need to produce these following documents mentioned in the next heading beneath, to the Immigration department. At thetime they can ask for other supporting documents tooif required on actual circumstances. Once you have applied for the visa,it takes around six weeks for the processing provided all the required documents are filled correctly and are being received by them on time. Hence, better and suggestion would be to apply well in advance.

Form to be filled for visa

Once you applying for a student visa for Hongkong,you need to fill various forms and need to produce several documents too.

  • Form ID995A to duly signed and completed fully by the applicant.
  • Followed by Form ID995B to complete fully and duly signed by the sponsor (Generally arranged by the institution).
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s Identity cards and some time the travel documents too.
  • The applicant needs to affix his/her recent Photo on Form ID995A.
  • The applicant needs to produce his/her letter of admission,from the respective institution or the university along with the letter of accepting that he/she must have sent to the institution or the university.
  • Applicant needs to show his/her bank statement or passbooks or proof of scholarship funds,etc, as a proofof their financial status. In case, the applicant is being sponsored by someone financially,in that case, that sponsoring aperson must declare the relationship with the applicant and also the intention to support the applicant for studies and living expenses along with the financial status of the sponsor.
  • The applicant needs to provide the detail about the accommodation or incase an arrangement has been made,thenprove to be submitted.
  • The application could be sent to the immigration department by post or in person For post,the applicant should send it directly or via the local sponsor to, HKSAR, Despatch Sub Unit,Hong Kong Immigration Department, 2/F,Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai,Hong Kong.
  • Or, in person, the overseas applicants may submit their applications in person to the nearest chines diplomats and the consulate mission of their place of domicile or country.

The applicants should always take the help and guidance of their respective universities or institutions for avisa.