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Hong Kong Immigration

If Hong Kong doesn’t feature in the top 10 of your list of places to visit, it’s about time it did. Popularly referred to as the shoppers’ paradise, the term does little justice to the beauty and sophistication that Hong Kong has to offer. Much like India, Hong Kong is an amalgamation of cultures where one can still experience the residual bits and fragments of British culture beautifully mixed with the contrasting and unmatched simplicity and naturalness of China which is what makes it an even more appealing choice to Indians.

Hong Kong also boasts of superb infrastructure, is a great investment hub and a financial center and is extremely popular among people seeking to work abroad. With the hope to up its’ place in the global economic scene, Hong Kong has introduced the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme(QMAS) which aims to attract people from all over the world to live and work there.

Financial services, trading and tourism make up a huge chunk of the country’s revenue and Hong Kong has truly emerged as one of the best places to travel or even to work.

Hong Kong has gained a lot of popularity amongst Indians particularly because of its variety of job options especially in the Finance and IT sectors. Indians are choosing to travel to and take up projects in Hong Kong and are even moving there permanently, thanks to the country’s proximity to India and the easy and painless immigration process. With good Indian presence, Indians are sure to feel at home the moment they set foot in Hong Kong and will find a hoard of Indian grocery stores and restaurants to keep you feeling as close to home as possible.


  • age limit (18-49).
  • People to have good knowledge of English.
  • Minimum 2 years experience required.
  • It is mandatory to submit Bachelor degree from any recognised institute or university.

We make the process a breeze for you. If you’re convinced about moving to Hong Kong, but the whole process of getting there seems tedious, leave it to us. We’ll ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. Whether you’re rolling in wealth or a middle-class aspirant, we transform your dream of moving to Hong Kong into reality.

  • We assist our clients prepare for GPT, a General Points Test heldby the Government
  • We offer expert assistance with filing for and obtaining Visa
  • We guide you every step of the way right from the application to getting on a plane to Hong Kong
  • Guidance from experienced counselors who have lived and studied abroad and have first-hand experience of the process