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Contrary to popular belief, Germany is second in the list of countries people prefer moving to, the first being the United States of America. Thanks to its flourishing economy and an abundance of employment opportunities, people from all over the world aspire to move to Germany.

The country is home to a huge number of immigrants from various countries that include Turkey, Poland, Russia, etc. and has therefore become a popular choice amongst people across the globe. Although one may find the idea of migrating to Germany extremely fascinating for several reasons such as pursuing higher education and employment, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled for the idea to take shape, such as:

Proof of Being Financially Sound – Applicants have to prove that they have sufficient funds to pull them through their stay in Germany until they start earning.

Proof of Accommodation – One must arrange for their stay in Germany beforehand and have proof to show when applying for a visa.

Education – Applicants must have a degree from a recognized University to be able to find a job.

Proficiency in English – Applicants must know how to converse in English as English is widely spoken.

If moving for educational purposes, one must know that Germany offers free education which frees you from the shackles of humungous tuition fee. To earn a university degree in Germany, you must complete the application process to study in the country. On completing your course, you’re allotted time to find yourself a job and stay in the country. Students may also get a 3 month non-working student applicant visa to visit Germany and complete the application and admission process in person.

Migrating to a new country is never easy and people understandably have thousands of questions haunting them. We get involved personally and make the process way easier for you. Our expert visa consultants study your documents thoroughly and help bridge the gap between you and the immigration requirements and help you sit back and relax while we do the work. If quality education, a great lifestyle and an exceptional way of life are what you seek, Germany fits the bill perfectly and we assure the best in class and the easiest means to get there.